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Spairal Bowler Exchangeable Type | Connection Pin

Spairal Bowler Exchangeable Type | Connection Pin

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Special connection pins for mounting augers or extension bars for Spairal Bowler Exchangeable Type.

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Planting trees in the garden
Building shelves for vegetable gardens
Installing stakes

Well-thought-out motion design

The spear-shaped auger bites into the ground, the screw rolls up the soil, and the side blades cut the soil in a rounded shape. The combination of these three types of mechanical design is well thought out to reduce soil pull-up resistance.

Side blades cut through the soil.

The side blades cut the soil as it is pulled up, so it can be easily removed.

One-touch assembly

It is easy to store and assembled with a one-touch system that does not use screws, etc.

Easy to apply force grip

The handle has an easy-to-reach and easy-to-hold grip for fatigue-free hole drilling, even with human power.